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What to write so that people will care

There’s a lot of content out there and there are only so many ways to make people care. You can have talented marketers but they’ll tell you the same thing: you need to offer value to the audience.

If you want people to care about what you’re saying, you’re going to have to make what you’re saying something they already value, not necessarily what your business does. Finding that mutual ground is the goal.

Think about what people want when they browse the platform you’re producing content for.

If you’re lending your voice as a contributing expert for a publication, the audience will want the same thing they go to that publication for. So if it’s a news site, they’ll want your take on current news issues.


If you’re posting on social media, then consider what people are on social media for. They want amusement or something they can share with their friends. Companies like Wendy’s do this by displaying an impressive amount of sass in their responses to the community. Movie cinemas do this by offering small behind the scenes fun facts and footage. Coding and photography sites do one better - they make challenges for the audience to get involved with.

So where does your brand come in? Your own website. Make that engaging, make it educational, make it comprehensive. When your other content on other platforms does well, the audience will either remember your brand as an expert in the field or they’ll click through to your site to find out more about your brand.


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