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What’s heat mapping?

Market research is an ongoing practice, especially once you have your business up and running and need refining.

If you have a website - and you should. In 2019, you should have a website - and you’re already analysing page views and the like - again, this is a must - then you should consider heat mapping.

Heat mapping is tracking what your audience is doing on your webpage once they’re there. This can take a few forms like click mapping (where they click on the website), scroll mapping, hover mapping, and attention mapping.

These maps show up the way a heat map would, red for the most engaged areas and increasingly cooler colours the less active the areas are (think computer displays on Hollywood military movies).

It’s a great way to see what parts of your website are most effective in keeping an audience’s attention and which parts they are most likely to engage with.

From there, you can analyse your results and consider how to lean into what’s working for your website and make a new strategy for the parts that aren’t. It’s also a great way to step into your audience journey and can point out problem areas where they may be getting confused with. This helps you fix any customer experience issues you might not even know you had.

How effective would heat mapping be for your business?

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