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When should you use automation in recruitment?

Finding the right talent can be hard. But there are ways to attract talent - various perks, flexible work conditions, attractive salary packages, just to name a few.

Then there’s the issue at the other end of that scale: what happens when a lot of people apply?

Manually sorting through a lot of applications can be time consuming, and this is exacerbated by the inconsistency and creativity of some applications.

It’s also raises issues to allow others outside of HR to help at this point of the process, such as the supervisors of the departments making the hire. On basic systems, sensitive and personal information can be kept at the same security clearance as the relevant information.

This is where automated forms can help you to organise and streamline the process. Google, Wordpress, Survey Monkey and Pardot (amongst a lot more others) offer you the functionality to create forms.

Depending on how much you pay or how powerful you need the system to be, there are also options where they can automatically send personalised emails to the groups of applications depending on what stage they have cleared or what list you sort them into.

This also allows you to export and organise a large amount of information quickly into spreadsheets, so you can modify spreadsheets and insulate information for sharing purposes.

How do you handle large numbers of applications?

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