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How to write a job description for evolving roles

Small businesses tend to grow and change on a much smaller timeline than larger corporations, so it’s only natural that employee roles will change with it.

Having said that, it’s important in the long run that you don’t end up with the “this wasn’t in my job description” situation.

There is a middle ground that doesn’t involve being too vague. And that is to simply find the skills and qualifications you’re after, have a chain of command in place, then explain to the job applicant a general forecast of where you see the role in the future.

A great way to ensure that the job description remains relevant is to set a regular date for review. That way, every six months or year or however long you decide, your employee and your whole business will be up to date on who covers what responsibilities. This makes for a smoother day to day operation.

It’s also a great idea to look for ways to upskill your workers to ensure they can manage any new expectations or responsibilities your business requires. Professional development is a major perk, which means that you have a good chance of increasing employee satisfaction.

How have you adjusted to this, as an employee or employer?

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