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How to leave your work at the office

Passion projects - which is by all means a great way for a business to come into fruition - can also be a slippery **bleep** into burnout.

It takes a lot of time and because you’re presumably passionate about it (it’s all in the name), you’re also investing a lot of mental and emotional energy into it. These can also begin as you have another day job.

All in all, starting businesses aren’t easy and if they aren’t kept in check, they can becoming life consuming.

But it’s also important to ensure that you’re keeping a balance. This not only supports your mental health, but it can also prolong your level of passion and energy levels.

So what are some simple ways that you and your employees can switch gears to relax at home.

First, schedule it. Tell people about it. Put an automatic sleeper on your emails and notifications after your working hours finish so you’re not tempted to do a quick check while you’re waiting for the Making it a priority instead of a passing maybe-resolution will help you stick with it.

Then create a routine. If music is your jam, then listen to music on your commute or in your car that you wouldn’t in the office. There are apps for meditation and mindfulness that talk you through short exercises that can help.

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Re: How to leave your work at the office

Great read! Knowing how and when to 'switch off' is vital to maintaing your overall health and focus. Too many workers, particularly those with increasing demands, deadlines & expectations, look to "multi-task" without realising how much it hurts their efficiency and effectiveness in everyday business. An app that's currently receiving a lot of praise for helping its users relax, refresh & sleep, is Calm. Give it a whirl! 

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Re: How to leave your work at the office

I found an unusal way to switch off as a business owner; my phone got wet and needed to be fixed, and I had to sign back into Office Exchange to be able to access my emails. But I delayed doing this, and then found that I was checking my phone less and less, and no longer rolled over to check my phone for emails when I woke up......so denying access or having a set time when you are out is a great idea. Funny enough I find customers and suppilers don't mind.

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Re: How to leave your work at the office

That's a great perspective @glen27. I've also heard of people having an email responder that specifies what time of day they check their emails so they can manage expectations and not have people expecting immediate responses all the time.

It's also important for business owners to have time to reflect on what worked and what didn't and be able to schedule in time for strategic planning too as that's a different mode of operating compared to our day-to-day comms with customers and suppliers.